Taking A Bite Out of the Big Apple!

Well hello again friends!

I have been so excited to write this post since I planned this trip many weeks ago! New York City- the city that never sleeps- the Big Apple; all of these and many more to describe what really is a city of wonder. If I can give any advise it would be to visit at least once. There is so much to do that there is a taste for every flavor. I personally have become a sightseer. I LOVE looking at anything and everything. As long as I can walk I am there. I hate running, it is uncomfortable and bad for your joints, but waking I can go for days! Love It!

Back to why you are probably reading this…

What I did this go around was visited the empire state building- and I mean visited. I found out it was $35 and another $20 if you wanted to go to the very top observation deck, which I decided a 20 second view wasn’t quite worth it. So I checked out the museum and all the celebrities that have ventured to the top. Following that I went to the biggest department store in the country, Macy’s. And it literally is the biggest being an avenue in length (which is like 4 city blocks) and 8 stories high. Each level has its own category too! It’s absolutely nuts. I did find out we are spoiled in Montana being able to pick our own shoes. I waited almost 15 minutes for them to bring a pair to try (that didn’t fit immediately) and didn’t feel like waiting longer to try another pair. We are so spoiled!

After Macy’s me and Lili (my sister’s college roommate who moved out to NYC after graduating and was my official tour guide) ventured to Chelsea Market. This place is in such a neat building and a beautiful archway. There are a tone of little stores in this revamped building.


There were a thousand twinkle lights!

We ate lunch at Friedman’s which was fantastic food! And was about $20 after tip so really affordable as well! There is also some good gelato located in the building with my favorite kind peanut butter. Mmmm!

The High line which is an old trax system that was recreated into a walking path and garden. Although it isn’t super exciting it’s a nice easy walk and if you go early enough in the day, when it’s not super crowded. I went twice, once on a quick trip with Lili and second time first thing this morning with my Aunt Mary who was deprived of walking unlike myself. Either way it was beautiful with lots of different vegetation throughout.

I met up with my aunt and my uncle as well as their two friends. The first night I arrived we learned how to navigate the subway with this app I discovered called transit and has over 125 different cities. I also used this in DC a few weeks back. Anyway, we were on our way to the observation deck at the top of the rock when we learned it closed 30 minutes before we got there. So sadly I never got up there for a wicked view.

Going back to my day in the city I have been dying to see the Brooklyn bridge. And poor Lili got strung along on my crazy adventure and odd likeness for walking. The bridge was beautiful with great views of the NYC skyline, but the people on that bridge will make you pull your hair out!


Me at the Brooklyn bridge!

Stopping in the middle to take a no shame selfie or just being in the way with no regard to anyone else. OMG! It was the biggest challenge of my life to not yell at all these people. Then again I would have lost my voice with how often I would have said it. But I digress. It is beautiful check it out, NOT on a Saturday afternoon, rookie mistake.

Close after the bridge was the 911 memorial and the reflection pools of the twin towers. It is an eerie silence after turning the corner that falls upon you. It gives me joy that people understand and respect the lives lost. One name we saw was a woman and her unborn child, which really just breaks my heart. I didn’t visit the museum, but walked to the World Trade Center and when you stand below it and look straight up it looks like it is coming at you. I have Lili to thank for that view.

I had finally wore myself out enough that we decided to head over to dinner at Dos Caminos. Let me tell you guys this, best guacamole of my entire existence! I have no clue what they put in it, but it’s absolutely fantastic! We also ordered a pitcher of white sangria which was great and only $35 for 7 glasses. I call that a steal in Manhattan!

As for me now, I am sitting writing this on the Bolt Bus. Even though all my coworkers told me it wouldn’t make it on time I was dropped of on schedule so HA! My ride up the Wi-Fi didn’t work, but the outlets did. On this one, I have the opposite problem Wi-Fi, but no power so I got bored not being able to watch a movie due to my dead headphones and am typing this instead. Much more productive. The bus has been really great and easy to find the location to get on.

I wish I could have stayed longer in the City, but I haven’t gone grocery shopping for 3 weeks and have absolutely no food. I can’t thank my aunt and uncle enough for letting me crash with them at their hotel to save me some money and for Lili showing me around.

Travel now and travel far, because I am happier at the end of the day experiencing life. Instead of saying look at what I have- I say look at what I have done.

Until next time,



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