We have to be boring once in a while…

Hello again!

I have been bad and skipped a week and didn’t post. But now I am here to make up for it!

Last week didn’t hold very many Adventures. I kept it pretty quiet and stayed at home doing some continuing education for my PTA license. I also decided the new state I’m going to go to next. North Carolina! I am really looking forward to spending some time down in North Carolina and being able to visit the surrounding states as well. My biggest concern is the heat and the humidity, so chances are I’m going to die of heatstroke or sweat off all of my water weight. We’ll see which one pans out! Haha!


This is a fantastic doughnut place that I thought was only in Ocean City.

This week was also kind of boring. I spend most of my time at home doing some major cleaning that was being neglected and finishing a new TV series that I started to watch called Nashville. I became so hooked on the show that one a large event happened I bawled my eyes out for three of the shows. Three! I couldn’t believe how attached I’ve become to this show and the characters.

The following weeks are going to be a lot more exciting though. This coming weekend I am headed out to Salisbury Maryland to see my friend Melissa and my godson Max. We are going to go to Ocean City and hang out at the boardwalk and then hit up a pulled pork BBQ Festival. I’m really looking forward to it it should be a good time to spend with my friend and my godson.

The following weekend is going to be even more exciting because I’m headed off to New York for the weekend!! I’ll be able to see my aunt who will be in town for the week as well as one of my sister’s friends from college who actually lives in New York. Hopefully I will have some good stories for you from both of those trips, expecially the New York one.

I’ve been to New York before and it was really fun, but there were some things I really wanted to do that I haven’t been able to do yet. So I’ll be looking forward to getting some more things on my bucket list checked off while being in the city. I’m also taking this awesome thing called the Bolt Bus. Which doesn’t take nearly as long as the Greyhound and can get me to New York in a shorter time than the train thanks to the very limited stops and almost 1/2 the price. I’ll let you guys know how the bus is and they also have it on the West Coast.

I’m sorry for the boring post but for sure next week you’ll have a lot more exciting things to hear about my travels. But we all have to take some time off every once in awhile.

Until next time,




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