A New Beginning

Hi everyone!

My name is Kaitlin, I am at the young and fun age of 22 and feel like I am just beginning to live life! I am a travelling Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA), which means I get to travel across the country and get paid to do it! (Yes, it is a pretty sweet deal.)

I am still very new to the travelling world. I have started my first assignment in the blustering city that is Frederick, MD. Oh, did I mention I am originally from Montana! A few weeks back when I began this journey I took Black Beauty (that is my Jeep) across the country to get here in 3 days.

Now, I believe everyone should travel cross-country at some point in their life. My recommendation is a co-pilot for starters (mine was in Montana giving me directions the entire time, being my eye in the sky and finding places for me to stay each night, my aunt Mary was the best!) I did it completely solo which was fun, but also very exhausting. No one should enjoy driving for 12 hours.

You get to see a lot of places, sadly I was on a bit of a time crunch and wasn’t able to make as many stops as I wanted. (Rushmore I’ll get you next time!) But, I made it without any long-lasting mental ailment and was off to start work the next day! (That I definitely do NOT recommend!)

So now I have been here for almost a month and got the idea to start a blog from my friend, Molly, and I finally got around to it! I wanted to chronicle my adventures away from Montana and be able to look back. I also wanted to let people see a little into my world of travel. This will also help me to go exploring new places and things, otherwise it’s sitting on my butterfly couch binge watching Netflix.

I also love to cook and will post a recipe I have tried each week. This week I made a french toast casserole for one of the other traveler’s that I worked with for a good-bye breakfast. She is leaving to London for 3 weeks! (Seriously how great is it to take that long of vacation and not worry about PTO.)


Hopefully this link works for you. My co-workers absolutely loved this and had everyone asking for the recipe! I will update weekly on my adventures from the past week. And of course try to include pictures and more tasty recipes! I would also love to hear your stories as well!

Did I mention I love my job?

Until next week, Wanders.


Dog at Work

This is me with a new co-worker! Her name is Molly (also my best friend’s name) and we became pals!

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