Taking A Bite Out of the Big Apple!

Well hello again friends!

I have been so excited to write this post since I planned this trip many weeks ago! New York City- the city that never sleeps- the Big Apple; all of these and many more to describe what really is a city of wonder. If I can give any advise it would be to visit at least once. There is so much to do that there is a taste for every flavor. I personally have become a sightseer. I LOVE looking at anything and everything. As long as I can walk I am there. I hate running, it is uncomfortable and bad for your joints, but waking I can go for days! Love It!

Back to why you are probably reading this…

What I did this go around was visited the empire state building- and I mean visited. I found out it was $35 and another $20 if you wanted to go to the very top observation deck, which I decided a 20 second view wasn’t quite worth it. So I checked out the museum and all the celebrities that have ventured to the top. Following that I went to the biggest department store in the country, Macy’s. And it literally is the biggest being an avenue in length (which is like 4 city blocks) and 8 stories high. Each level has its own category too! It’s absolutely nuts. I did find out we are spoiled in Montana being able to pick our own shoes. I waited almost 15 minutes for them to bring a pair to try (that didn’t fit immediately) and didn’t feel like waiting longer to try another pair. We are so spoiled!

After Macy’s me and Lili (my sister’s college roommate who moved out to NYC after graduating and was my official tour guide) ventured to Chelsea Market. This place is in such a neat building and a beautiful archway. There are a tone of little stores in this revamped building.


There were a thousand twinkle lights!

We ate lunch at Friedman’s which was fantastic food! And was about $20 after tip so really affordable as well! There is also some good gelato located in the building with my favorite kind peanut butter. Mmmm!

The High line which is an old trax system that was recreated into a walking path and garden. Although it isn’t super exciting it’s a nice easy walk and if you go early enough in the day, when it’s not super crowded. I went twice, once on a quick trip with Lili and second time first thing this morning with my Aunt Mary who was deprived of walking unlike myself. Either way it was beautiful with lots of different vegetation throughout.

I met up with my aunt and my uncle as well as their two friends. The first night I arrived we learned how to navigate the subway with this app I discovered called transit and has over 125 different cities. I also used this in DC a few weeks back. Anyway, we were on our way to the observation deck at the top of the rock when we learned it closed 30 minutes before we got there. So sadly I never got up there for a wicked view.

Going back to my day in the city I have been dying to see the Brooklyn bridge. And poor Lili got strung along on my crazy adventure and odd likeness for walking. The bridge was beautiful with great views of the NYC skyline, but the people on that bridge will make you pull your hair out!


Me at the Brooklyn bridge!

Stopping in the middle to take a no shame selfie or just being in the way with no regard to anyone else. OMG! It was the biggest challenge of my life to not yell at all these people. Then again I would have lost my voice with how often I would have said it. But I digress. It is beautiful check it out, NOT on a Saturday afternoon, rookie mistake.

Close after the bridge was the 911 memorial and the reflection pools of the twin towers. It is an eerie silence after turning the corner that falls upon you. It gives me joy that people understand and respect the lives lost. One name we saw was a woman and her unborn child, which really just breaks my heart. I didn’t visit the museum, but walked to the World Trade Center and when you stand below it and look straight up it looks like it is coming at you. I have Lili to thank for that view.

I had finally wore myself out enough that we decided to head over to dinner at Dos Caminos. Let me tell you guys this, best guacamole of my entire existence! I have no clue what they put in it, but it’s absolutely fantastic! We also ordered a pitcher of white sangria which was great and only $35 for 7 glasses. I call that a steal in Manhattan!

As for me now, I am sitting writing this on the Bolt Bus. Even though all my coworkers told me it wouldn’t make it on time I was dropped of on schedule so HA! My ride up the Wi-Fi didn’t work, but the outlets did. On this one, I have the opposite problem Wi-Fi, but no power so I got bored not being able to watch a movie due to my dead headphones and am typing this instead. Much more productive. The bus has been really great and easy to find the location to get on.

I wish I could have stayed longer in the City, but I haven’t gone grocery shopping for 3 weeks and have absolutely no food. I can’t thank my aunt and uncle enough for letting me crash with them at their hotel to save me some money and for Lili showing me around.

Travel now and travel far, because I am happier at the end of the day experiencing life. Instead of saying look at what I have- I say look at what I have done.

Until next time,



Time With an Old Friend

Hi again!

I hope everyone’s week has been as good as mine. This week I traveled out east towards the coast to spend some time in Salisbury, Maryland. That is where my best friend from high school lives with my godson Max. He is almost 6 months old and is the biggest ham I have ever met. It was nice to be able to spend some time with an old friend that I haven’t seen for a little while.


Me and my god son Max!

It’s interesting to tell people this story that I work with how I know someone all the way in Maryland, when I grew up in Montana. It was lucky for me that her dad decided to move to this little small town of Cascade, which she hated by the way. We started being friends our Junior year even though she came our sophomore year.  What started our friendship was this terrible thing we call cheerleading,  due to way too much drama. But I will never forget my first words to her were, “your pants are screaming at me!” Because she showed up to the first day of school with purple zebra striped leggings at a very conservative school and I will never forget them hahaha!

Originally this weekend, my friend and I were going to go to Ocean City to spend the day at the beach and eat some yummy and poored nourished Boardwalk food and just spend time catching up. Sadly, it rain all day Saturday so we didn’t make it to the beach. The next day we were supposed to go to Pork in the Park where there was a wing & BBQ pork contest. There were also hot air balloon rides and kid activities that were available. But again, sadly due to weather they were cancelled. So instead we checked out a local barbecue pork Eatery that was still pretty good.

What is coming up this weekend is what I’m most excited for because I get to take a trip back to New York City. I visited New York City last year around this time with my friend as stated above.


This was me in NYC last year!

We spent most of the time in Upper Manhattan, so this time I plan to spend more time on the lower side and check out the suburbs. Thanks to my sister’s college roommate I have place to stay in Jersey for the weekend so I don’t have to spend my money on Airbnb. We plan on doing a girls night and going out in the city Saturday night so I can enjoy some nightlife in the Big Apple.

I’m hoping to try and catch an Off-Broadway show, because after looking at the prices for Broadway I decided Off Broadway is more my speed. Hahaha! I’m taking this awesome thing called the Bolt Bus which is a lot quicker than the Greyhound and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like the train. I’ll keep you guys updated and let you know how it goes. It’s also on the East Coast from Seattle down to California.

Sorry for the late post again. Hopefully next week I can be better about sticking to my schedule. I also have a three and a half hour bus ride to do this, so no excuses!

Until next time,





We have to be boring once in a while…

Hello again!

I have been bad and skipped a week and didn’t post. But now I am here to make up for it!

Last week didn’t hold very many Adventures. I kept it pretty quiet and stayed at home doing some continuing education for my PTA license. I also decided the new state I’m going to go to next. North Carolina! I am really looking forward to spending some time down in North Carolina and being able to visit the surrounding states as well. My biggest concern is the heat and the humidity, so chances are I’m going to die of heatstroke or sweat off all of my water weight. We’ll see which one pans out! Haha!


This is a fantastic doughnut place that I thought was only in Ocean City.

This week was also kind of boring. I spend most of my time at home doing some major cleaning that was being neglected and finishing a new TV series that I started to watch called Nashville. I became so hooked on the show that one a large event happened I bawled my eyes out for three of the shows. Three! I couldn’t believe how attached I’ve become to this show and the characters.

The following weeks are going to be a lot more exciting though. This coming weekend I am headed out to Salisbury Maryland to see my friend Melissa and my godson Max. We are going to go to Ocean City and hang out at the boardwalk and then hit up a pulled pork BBQ Festival. I’m really looking forward to it it should be a good time to spend with my friend and my godson.

The following weekend is going to be even more exciting because I’m headed off to New York for the weekend!! I’ll be able to see my aunt who will be in town for the week as well as one of my sister’s friends from college who actually lives in New York. Hopefully I will have some good stories for you from both of those trips, expecially the New York one.

I’ve been to New York before and it was really fun, but there were some things I really wanted to do that I haven’t been able to do yet. So I’ll be looking forward to getting some more things on my bucket list checked off while being in the city. I’m also taking this awesome thing called the Bolt Bus. Which doesn’t take nearly as long as the Greyhound and can get me to New York in a shorter time than the train thanks to the very limited stops and almost 1/2 the price. I’ll let you guys know how the bus is and they also have it on the West Coast.

I’m sorry for the boring post but for sure next week you’ll have a lot more exciting things to hear about my travels. But we all have to take some time off every once in awhile.

Until next time,




DC in a Day!

Hi again everyone!

This week was a little more exciting as I went to visit DC! I have been to DC before, but it was many years ago on a 4-H exchange program with Pennsylvania. We were there for a day, but back then I was a lot more focused on being social then actually paying attention to my surroundings. So I wanted to give DC my full attention this time!

I went during the cherry blossom festival, which was fun! I walked to the monuments where they were flying kites everywhere! But there was too many people there, so I didn’t stay long.  I watched someone get hit with a kite two times before the person could keep it in the sky. So if nothing else, it was highly entertaining! Haha.

Kites DC

This was nothing compared to the people here.

After seeing the kites I headed down to the Tidal Basin where all the famous cherry blossoms pictures take place. It was so hard to take a picture with the blossoms because everyone was stopping and posing for pictures.CB 1 I got a pretty cool one down by the water and while I was walking I found a good row of them. The blossoms were only 1/2 bloomed thanks to winter storm Stella that came 1 week before the blossoms were scheduled to bloom. It was still an amazing sight and so pretty. I could only imagine what a full bloom would be!

One thing I love besides travelling is food. And let me tell you DC has an amazing food truck scene. I followed the line 1/2 a block and thought that was end of trucks. Well, after I picked a taco truck and sat down on a bench I realized that was only 1/3 of the trucks! They extended another city block and then some! I honestly don’t know how I missed it, but it took me 20 minutes to decide on the taco truck let alone adding in all those others I never would have gotten food!

After the delicious tacos,  I was in DC on a mission to see more of the Smithsonian! Last time, I saw 3 out of 4 museums and only had about an hour in each one which isn’t nearly enough time!! And did I mention I was to busy socializing to appreciate what I was doing?

This time I went to the museum of Natural History. There is so many things packed in this building it boggles the mind! I actually really enjoyed going to this by myself because I wasn’t rushed through anything I really wanted to see. I would definitely recommend going to a museum by yourself. It is SO nice! I was able to see a ton of things that I missed when I was previously there. I will definitely go back to DC again and maybe just spend the entire day doing the museums. I was in this one for a solid 2 hours and still felt rushed.


Me with the cherry blossoms!

Speaking of being rushed, I met my cousin at the circus after the museum! I am so glad that I got to see the circus one last time because they are doing their farewell tour! It really makes me sad that I probably won’t be able to take (if any) future kids to the circus! Now, growing up in Montana we had a pretty standard circus, nothing incredible. But this one? Oh my lanta! It was fantastic and so creative. It is amazing what the people can do. I would love to have the kind of balance that they possess and practice! The only thing I didn’t like was there was so much going on that I missed some stuff because I was watching something else!

Finally, I went with my cousin and his co-workers for some drinks! Then it was back to good old Frederick. I drove down to Shady Grove and took the metro all the way into the city so I wouldn’t have to deal with the traffic. My ride in was super smooth and I downloaded this app called Transit. It has over 125 cities and all of their public transportation information! It is so nice! It took me a little bit to figure out how it works and deciding which train to get on, but it all worked out. My train on the way out had me questioning my life and at one point I am pretty sure it lost all power, but hey it makes for a great story now.

Until next week!


Can I Marry Wine?

Greetings again!

I am a little later getting this up because I wanted to include this weekend’s thrilling adventure!

So last weekend was pretty quiet for me. I stayed in Frederick and explored one of the many battlefields in this area. Being from the West Coast, I forget how much history happened over here and all of the many battles of the Civil War and American Revolution. It definitely makes me humbled for how many thousands of people lost their lives fighting for something they truly believed in; freedom.

It saddens me today that we don’t have that same spark that founded America. All we do now is hide behind computers and whine about how unfair life is. We aren’t a people of action anymore, but rather a bunch of sheep in a herd controlled by wolves. I wonder what the founders and even the people of the past would say about the American people today…

Monocacy Battlefield

My view on my hike at Monocacy Battlefield.

Off of a political tangent now. I went to the Monocacy Battlefield where they have a ton of hiking trails. I did one hike and it was about 2.5 miles. The first part was a very easy hike, but rained the night before so the trail was slick. The seconds half was mostly up a really tall hill! My calves made sure to take note the next morning.

I have always wanted to try a paint nite and I finally got to! (after 3 years) One of my co-workers lived where the paint nite was and agreed to go with me. The picture was of a night-time sky with trees next to the water. I made my reflection a little brighter and made it look more like a Native American head-dress. None the less I was very excited I finally took part in a paint nite and got to drink a really good margarita!

Paint Nite

My finished painting at Paint Nite!

This weekend I went to Gettysburg to further learn more about our American History where it all took place! I just did the driving tour through a part of the Gettysburg battlefield which is right in the middle of town! Downtown is literally 3 blocks from some of the sites! I visited here about 7 years ago with 4H and we did a tour of a different battlefield and as we were driving through town I remember the tour guide pointing out a building with a hole in the side and saying, “that is left from one of the cannons that hit this house where (can’t remember who) lived.” Who thinks not to fill in a hole cause it will be a great story later?!

I did some wine tasting while in Gettysburg at Reid’s Winery and Cinder House. I did everything that was sweet (cause I hate bitter) and the wine was great! 3/5 I tried I love, also I paid $8 for 5 tastings and a glass. Woo hoo! I also did a flight of cider (all sweet as well) I really liked 2/5 and bought one cider and one bottle of wine. The cider flight you were given a lot more and was $8. So a really inexpensive experience and the staff was so great and good about giving me suggestions for things to do in the area. Definitely would recommend. It is also right around the corner from an ice cream parlor!

Cider Flight

This coming weekend I am going to DC for the cherry blossom festival as well as a wine festival! If you haven’t figured it out by now I love me some wine! One of my coworkers is going with some of her friends and am working on meeting up with them there. I also have a cousin in DC who might be joining me.

Until next week!


A New Beginning

Hi everyone!

My name is Kaitlin, I am at the young and fun age of 22 and feel like I am just beginning to live life! I am a travelling Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA), which means I get to travel across the country and get paid to do it! (Yes, it is a pretty sweet deal.)

I am still very new to the travelling world. I have started my first assignment in the blustering city that is Frederick, MD. Oh, did I mention I am originally from Montana! A few weeks back when I began this journey I took Black Beauty (that is my Jeep) across the country to get here in 3 days.

Now, I believe everyone should travel cross-country at some point in their life. My recommendation is a co-pilot for starters (mine was in Montana giving me directions the entire time, being my eye in the sky and finding places for me to stay each night, my aunt Mary was the best!) I did it completely solo which was fun, but also very exhausting. No one should enjoy driving for 12 hours.

You get to see a lot of places, sadly I was on a bit of a time crunch and wasn’t able to make as many stops as I wanted. (Rushmore I’ll get you next time!) But, I made it without any long-lasting mental ailment and was off to start work the next day! (That I definitely do NOT recommend!)

So now I have been here for almost a month and got the idea to start a blog from my friend, Molly, and I finally got around to it! I wanted to chronicle my adventures away from Montana and be able to look back. I also wanted to let people see a little into my world of travel. This will also help me to go exploring new places and things, otherwise it’s sitting on my butterfly couch binge watching Netflix.

I also love to cook and will post a recipe I have tried each week. This week I made a french toast casserole for one of the other traveler’s that I worked with for a good-bye breakfast. She is leaving to London for 3 weeks! (Seriously how great is it to take that long of vacation and not worry about PTO.)


Hopefully this link works for you. My co-workers absolutely loved this and had everyone asking for the recipe! I will update weekly on my adventures from the past week. And of course try to include pictures and more tasty recipes! I would also love to hear your stories as well!

Did I mention I love my job?

Until next week, Wanders.


Dog at Work

This is me with a new co-worker! Her name is Molly (also my best friend’s name) and we became pals!